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A Reminder of Why I Love Tufts

If I have to be fully honest (which I like to be), this semester began with a rough start. Stress from producing The Vagina Monologues, preparing for the EPIIC symposium, readjusting to college life and classes, and lots of personal issues were really impeding my daily life here. I have been, and still am, in a slump that has now lasted over a month. Hence, a lack of blogs though I’m trying to pick that part up more now.

I did, however, have a great conversation with a wonderful transfer friend of mine about how different our lives are now that we’ve transferred. She’s incredibly intelligent, involved, and always maintains a wonderful perspective on life in general, and things always feel a little bit better after I’ve spoken with her :D. She and I were both taking seminar classes, classes that graduate students were in, aka all around the most challenging courses available by our freshman and sophomore years. In contrast, here, in my classes. I’m actually always struck by how incredibly intelligent and involved everyone is in their learning. It’s incredibly inspiring and always reminds me that there’s just so much to get excited about!

In addition, I remember how I felt at the University of Iowa- it was a feeling of desperation and restlessness. After three semesters there, I was starting to feel like I was running out of things to do. I was constantly browsing the website, trying to read up on student organizations and opportunities in the local Iowa City area. While it’s important to state that there are a lot of amazing opportunities there, it’s just nothing compared to Tufts. While I always used to feel like I didn’t have enough to keep me occupied for four years at Iowa, here I feel like I could stay here for six and never be able to do all that I want to do.

All easy things to forget but it reminds me all over again of why I transferred, and why I wanted to come here. I think it’s one of the best decisions I could have ever made and I don’t regret it at all :D.

On a lighter note, my more amusing search engine term that led to my blog in recent days: “i am eugenia”- there’s something about it that just makes me want to say, “I AM EUGENIA, HEAR ME ROAR!!”

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Every September at Tufts, a fresh cycle emerges where students begin inquiring about their friends’ houses/apartments/rooms trying to figure out their housing for the following year. A lot of the best places are taken pretty quickly, and connections are the most useful in this arduous task.

As a sophomore, if your housing lottery number isn’t a decent one, you won’t get a room for junior year. As a junior, if you don’t have an amazing number, you also have slightly more trouble landing a decent apartment for senior year. Due to unusually high numbers this year, three friends and myself found ourselves without the four person apartment we wanted, which we could have gotten easily the previous year. Panic commenced!

As transfer students, my friend Angel and I don’t actually know a lot of junior (to be senior) girls. Most of my closer friends have been made through EPIIC, and most juniors study abroad, so things were a little difficult on that front. We ended up deciding to live with two sophomores that we know instead somewhat last minute.

Perhaps another downside to being a transfer- you don’t know enough people to easily figure out housing very early on! Obviously in the end I found an amazing group of people to live with, but I think there was some added stress in the process. It’s also somewhat harder to scope out friends’ houses when you’re in the process of making all new friends and don’t yet know where everyone lives.

Yesterday, after having called several landlords & visiting a somewhat run-down house, in the midst of desperation, I finally asked a senior friend if his apartment had been claimed yet. It hadn’t, and he took one of my future roommates and me to see it… and we fell in love right away 😀

It’s the perfect apartment- and I can’t imagine living anyplace else. In fact, I almost want to start my senior year now just so I can go live there right away! Plus it has the most incredible kitchen I’ve seen in any of the houses off campus so far.

Moral of the story? There can be two here- either things always work out in the end (the fluffy one) or I’m a ridiculously lucky duck (the more likely one) :D.

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An Update on My Semester

To my latest inquisitive visitors who found my blog through various search engine terms: In general, students take 4-5 classes a semester here (6 if you’re somewhat crazy). This semester I’m taking 5! With a lighter load for EPIIC this semester, things are a bit more relaxed than they were last semester 😀

Which isn’t so bad, except the beginning of this semester was crazy. I flew back from India and started classes the next day, then launched right into working with The Vagina Monologues, which proceeded to consume all my time for the next two weeks. As soon as the play ended, the EPIIC symposium quickly became my newest priority. On top of all that, I was doing interviews and making plans for the summer!

Now, things are a little bit more calm. Tomorrow, I officially start my internship with an amazing organization working with education initiatives in the Mathare slums of Nairobi, Kenya. I will be in Nairobi from early June until late August working for this same organization, except this time I’ll get to actually do work on the ground 😀

This semester, I’m also working as a Student Ambassador for alumni relations, which reaches out to unengaged alumni but is a far more pleasant job than telefund in that I don’t actually have to ask for money :). Outside of this, I’m just trying to spend more time exploring Boston and surviving my classes- the former has been a success, as I’ve already left campus more times so far this semester than I did all of last semester!

Right now, I’m just excited we’re finally starting March, am looking forward to Boston in the spring time, and am feeling all around really good about this semester. I can’t wait to see how things turn out!

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A Quick Update

So I’ve returned to this blog many times over the past weeks in an attempt to write an interesting post, but writer’s block has gotten in the way!

Mainly though, I’m going to write this post to say this- for those of you who found my blog by searching any of the below terms or some combination of: Jessica Biel, Tufts, Jumbo, Elephant, Valentine’s Day, movie…

I saw it too!! And got excited until I realized I was watching the movie with three Harvard students and no Tufts people. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Valentine’s Day yet, Jessica Biel plays a publicist who (supposedly) went to Tufts, as she has a stuffed elephant in her office! The frame showing it is just a few seconds, but it was great to see nonetheless 🙂 I kind of love the random references that Tufts has been getting lately.

In addition, check out this NY Times article about Tufts and the admissions process here!

A real update on classes, life, (life after) EPIIC, and more will be coming soon- I promise! 😀

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Painting the Cannon: The Epic Saga

So I just had what is potentially one of the most simultaneously ridiculous and hilarious experiences at Tufts so far: Tonight, some of the cast of The Vagina Monologues painted the cannon. And what an experience it was!

First, Angel and I spent a good three hours total trying to find a place that was open on Sunday so we could actually buy paint. We walked to three different places and missed one just five minutes after it closed. My friend generously lent us her car and we drove to Porter Square, where we found a hardware store and finally got the paint.

At 10 PM, we painted a layer of red paint over while loudly singing every song you could imagine- from Journey to Backstreet Boys to Lil Wayne. People walking by stared and either laughed or ran away.

At 11 PM, to take a break while waiting for the paint to dry, we walked into the library to warm up and discuss what we wanted to actually write on the cannon. While there, I ran into my friend Lauren, who asked what group I was painting the cannon with.

“The Vagina Monologues,” I said, waving my hand at the girls around me.

She cringed and looked around, then leaned in and whispered, “You have some competition. The Roosevelt Institute.”

And so, while I gathered up the girls to warn them, we saw out of the corner of our eye someone from The Roosevelt Institute race out the door of the Tower Cafe. Next thing I knew, five others and I were chasing after him shouting his name and telling him to stop. We raced through the library, sped up the steps to the cannon, and came face to face with three members of The Roosevelt Institute. Negotiations were tough, but in the end we got to keep our cannon despite not having correctly guarded it according to “the rules”. We finished up the night by singing some more and finally went our ways to go and finally get some work done (though clearly, I am failing on this front).

Pictures will be posted soon- it’s a pretty simple design but should arouse the curiosity of anyone who walks past it 😉

(A special thanks to The Roosevelt Institute, who graciously allowed us to keep our cannon and agreed not to paint over it. It’s really too cold out to guard or fight over a cannon. They’re having a great event on Wednesday- check out the details here.)

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Live Blogging, Part 2!

With my play coming up, life has been a little crazy. Rehearsals started today at 12 PM and went until 4 PM, but I stayed in the women’s center after until 10 PM creating and copying the program for the play. All day tomorrow will be spent at the women’s center again studying and having a program folding party with my cast. Night time will be spent painting the cannon for the first time ever (so excited!!).

Oh & for those of you who don’t know yet, I’m producing The Vagina Monologues this year. It’ll be held for one night on Saturday, February 13th and has two showings- 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Tickets are $10 at Cohen Box Office (or if you only have a credit card, call 617-627-3493).

All proceeds are going to an incredible organization called Girls’ LEAP– and I genuinely have never been prouder to support an organization before! Girls’ LEAP focuses on awareness and prevention, and targets girls between the age of 8-18. As an activity for my cast, Angel (the director) and I had Girls’ LEAP come and do a workshop. We discussed conflict resolution and how our actions affect those around us. I have never met high school girls so mature and with such well developed leadership skills in my life, and I was absolutely blown away when I found out the oldest girl in the group was 17. As someone who has always focused on community organizations abroad, I think Girls’ LEAP really serves as a reminder to me that there’s still a lot to be done and a lot of efforts worth supporting right here in Boston.

With that said, I’m thrilled to announce that another live blogging entry will be coming up soon! This time I will be featuring a guest blogger, my friend Arjun Verma.

Arjun, an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent friend of mine, will actually be live blogging The Vagina Monologues. Cohen Auditorium doesn’t actually have wireless internet so the entry will be posted after February 13th, but will feature Arjun’s thoughts as the play commences. As a male, I think he’ll provide a very unique and interesting perspective to a play that is often polarizing and off-putting for not only men, but even females- I’m really looking forward to what he has to say. So stay tuned, and I’ll be posting Arjun’s reactions on the Sunday following my play! 😀

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